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Global Real Estate Company, Mapletree, Shares Value of Protecting Migratory Birds at Vietnam Exhibition
20 Nov 2023

Ho Chi Minh City, 20 November 2023 – On the weekend of World Migratory Bird Day (October 14th), Singapore-based global real estate group, Mapletree Investments, along with BirdLife International, WildTour and the Vietnam Bird Conservation Society brought together more than 500 people in Ho Chi Minh City to recognise the spectacular wild bird species in Vietnam, as migratory species return to the region. The event, held at SC VivoCity in Ho Chi Minh City, officially launched the ‘Wild Birds of Viet Nam’ (‘Chim Hoang Da Viet Nam’ in Vietnamese) photography exhibition stemming from a two-month long competition, with professional photographers participating from throughout the country. Mapletree’s sponsorship of the event showcases the value of protecting bird species across other parts of Southeast Asia to safeguard Singapore’s biodiversity.

At the opening of the event, Mr. Doan Hoai Trung, chairman of the Ho Chi Minh Photography Association (HCMCPA), which supported the event, made opening remarks and emphasised the importance of protecting Vietnam’s biodiversity, as well as the role that photography can play in raising awareness for the public. Mr. Andre Lim, Chief Executive Officer, Vietnam for Mapletree, highlighted the Group’s support for migratory bird conservation in Vietnam, which is guided by the ‘Environment’ pillar of Mapletree’s Corporate Social Responsibility framework. Mr. Ding Li Yong, representing BirdLife International, thanked both Mapletree and HCMCPA for their support of the event on World Migratory Bird Day, and reiterated the important contribution of Vietnam towards protecting migratory species.

The winning entry of the exhibition is an image of the aptly named Beautiful Nuthatch, taken by Mr. Huynh Thanh Danh, a veteran nature photographer from the mountain forests of Central Vietnam in Nghe An, and one of the country’s most threatened species. The second prize featured the Green Peafowl, one of Asia’s most spectacular pheasants and was captured by Mr. Nguyen Manh Hiep from the forests of Cat Tien National Park not far from Ho Chi Minh City. Mr. Huynh Van Truyen won third place for his close-up portrait of the Red-necked Phalarope with prey, a long-distance migratory bird that travels to Vietnam from the high Arctic.

The ‘Wild Birds of Vietnam’ exhibition showcases some of Vietnam’s most spectacular species, including endangered migratory birds such as the Black-faced Spoonbill and Spoon-billed Sandpiper, and comes on the back of World Migratory Bird Day, a celebratory day that happens in May and October each year as millions of birds migrate to and from their breeding grounds. In September and October, migrating birds travel from their breeding grounds in China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia and Russia to stay in the warmth of Southeast Asia throughout the winter. Along their journey, they may stop for food and rest in wetlands and forests across the region. Each of these habitats is vital for this perilous journey, and many of the migratory birds in Singapore face threats from habitat loss and hunting along this migration route. ‘We are hopeful that the exhibition has reached out to tens of thousands of people in the Vietnamese public on why we should protect migratory birds, among many of the country’s most spectacular species.’ noted Mr. Yong Ding Li, regional migratory bird coordinator for BirdLife International, who is based in Singapore. 

This event highlights Mapletree’s ongoing commitment to engaging with people on the conservation of birds across Asia. In November, Mapletree also sponsored the 39th Singapore Bird Race for the fifth consecutive year, which drew a record number of participants this year. 

Mr. Nguyen Hao Quang, lead event coordinator and a conservationist in his own right, noted ‘we are hopeful that our event will be able to garner considerable interest from the public of Vietnam’s biodiversity through appreciation of wild birds’. Mr. Nguyen Hoai Bao, director of WildTour remarked that this is the first such exhibition of its kind in Ho Chi Minh City, and explained that there is still a lot of work to be done to convey an appreciation of nature to the public in Vietnam, given that biodiversity is still facing many threats from habitat loss to illegal hunting. Mr. Andre Lim also shared the importance of paying it forward as the Group grows its business in Vietnam. “As a socially conscious real estate company, Mapletree is committed to contributing positively to our local communities. Through this initiative, we hope to spark an interest among members of the public in conservation of nature through birdwatching and Vietnam’s rich natural heritage,” he added.

SC VivoCity in Ho Chi Minh City is located in the south of the city, near to wetlands of Can Gio. These wetlands are recognised by BirdLife International as an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area and is protected as a biosphere reserve by the Vietnam Government. This wetland draws large flocks of migratory shorebirds, some of which may venture down to Singapore. The proximity to this landscape has given photographers access to spectacular views of the lives of birds, including the Critically Endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper. 

The exhibition concluded its run on 19 October 2023, with a Vietnam Bird Race planned in in 2024. Members of the public can view the photos for this exhibition at this link.

Credits: Nguyen Hao Quang

Education panels set up at the exhibition provided an overview of bird migration in the region and the threats faced by migratory species in Vietnam.

More than 50 species of wild birds were documented in the exhibition, including many that are rare, threatened or elusive.

Migratory waterbirds such as Black-faced Spoonbill and shorebirds held a prominent place in the exhibition.

Winners of the competition showing their award certificates

Mr. Huynh Thanh Danh receiving the first prize of the competition for his image of a Beautiful Nuthatch from Mr. Andre Lim, CEO, Vietnam, Mapletree Investments.


Guests-of-honor, Mr. Andre Lim and Mr. Doan Hoai Trung received a copy of the recently published ‘Asia Greatest Wildlife Sanctuaries’ from Mr. Yong Ding Li of BirdLife International.

Representatives of Mapletree Investments, supporting sponsors and the event organising team gathered on stage towards the conclusion of the opening ceremony.



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