Developing for success and sustainability
Corporate Social Responsibility

At Mapletree, we strive to incorporate sustainable practices and generate positive outcomes in the communities where we operate. The Group is committed to long-term partnerships with stakeholders and beneficiaries with sustained outcomes.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Framework 

Mapletree Shaping & Sharing Programme is guided by two broad objectives of empowering individuals through supporting educational and healthcare initiatives, as well as enriching communities with the arts, functional design, and building environmentally sustainable real estate developments. 

With these two objectives, the Group’s CSR efforts focuses on four key CSR pillars – the arts, education, the environment and healthcare. All CSR initiatives are based on definable social outcomes, long-term engagement and staff volunteerism opportunities.


We align business performance with our CSR efforts. For every S$500 million of profit after tax and minority interests (PATMI), or part thereof, S$1 million is set aside annually to fund CSR commitments and programmes.

As further testament of our commitment to CSR, a five-member Board Committee, comprising the Group's senior management and members from the REIT Manager Boards or the Boards of private platforms/private funds, provides strategic oversight of the Shaping & Sharing Programme. The representatives from the Mapletree REITs or private platforms/ private funds are rotated every three years to ensure good governance and a diverse representation of views.

(for FY23/24 - FY25/26)
 Mr Edmund Cheng Wai Wing
(Permanent member)
Chairman, Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd (MIPL)
 Mr Hiew Yoon Khong
(Permanent member)
Group Chief Executive Officer, MIPL
 Mr Alvin Tay
(Rotational member)
Independent Non-Executive Director of MPACT Management Ltd
 Ms Ooi Chee Kar
(Rotational member)
Independent Member of the Investor Committee of Mapletree US Logistics Private Trust
 Mr Wan Kwong Weng
(Permanent member)                        
Group Chief Corporate Officer, MIPL