Key Facts
Developing for success and sustainability
Our Sustainability Approach

At Mapletree, we strive to create long-term value for our stakeholders by incorporating sustainable practices into our daily operations and activities. We remain committed to building good relationships with our stakeholders through the following key activities:


Click here to view Mapletree’s FY21/22 Sustainability Report. Past reports may be found within Mapletree's Annual Reports here.

Sustainability Governance
A strong governance structure enables us to implement our sustainability strategy across the Group, strengthen relations with stakeholders as well as ensure overall accountability.


ESG Objectives

1)    Achieve sustainable economic growth and providing strong returns to our stakeholders.
2)    Provide a positive work environment for our employees through fair employment practices, training and equal opportunities.
3)    Maintain a safe environment for all our stakeholders and care for the well-being of our employees.
4)    Support initiatives and projects that have a positive impact on communities.
5)    Improve our energy performance and efficiency.
6)    Manage our water resources in a sustainable manner.
7)    Conduct our work with utmost integrity and accountability.
8)    Achieve full regulatory compliance in everything we do.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Mapletree has identified seven SDGs that are most relevant to our business and have mapped our material factors to them.