Investing in talent
Graduate Programme – MAP

☑ Have A Keen Interest In The Real Estate Business?
Energetic And Ready To Take On Challenges?
Enthusiastic To Acquire New Skills And Stretch To Your Fullest Potential?

The Mapletree Associate Programme looks out for open-minded individuals with a desire to stretch their potential and hone diverse skills.

At Mapletree, you will constantly be challenged to pick up new skills and contribute effectively to your work teams. If you have the enthusiasm for a career in the real estate business, this is the programme for you!




How to Apply:

1. Click on the link here to apply for the MAP programme. (If you face any issues, you may apply via our main job portal: )
2. Key in "Mapletree Associate Programme (MAP)" and you will be able to see the job ad. After submitting your CV on the job portal, please also complete the online questionnaire indicated within the job ad.

Application for July 2021 intake opens now!
If you are passionate about the real estate business and looking to grow your career with Mapletree, please submit your application by 15 January 2021.