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Nurturing Arts and Design

As a real estate developer that employs design to enhance the features of its developments and infuses art to add vitality to its facilities, Mapletree recognises the value that the arts and design create. As such, Mapletree has commissioned artworks displayed at communal locations at its flagship projects, VivoCity and Mapletree Business City (MBC). Promoting an appreciation for the arts goes beyond public art installations, Mapletree also organises complimentary arts engagement programmes at its facilities for its business communities at Alexandra Precinct. In recognition of its contributions, Mapletree is a consistent recipient at the National Arts Council’s Patron of the Arts Awards.

Defining the Mapletree brand

Mapletree commissioned a series of coffee table books to feature the art installations at its Singapore-based developments. The first book, Art in the City showcases the eight artworks at MBC, while Art on the Waterfront features VivoCity’s seven installations that were commissioned during the inaugural Singapore Biennale 2006. The final book, Artefacts from Sea to Land introduces the artefacts from Singapore’s maritime past that are installed at public locations around Mapletree’s HarbourFront Precinct.

Arts in the City

Our support for the arts stems from the desire to add vibrancy to real estate spaces. Through arts performances and outreach programmes such as ‘Arts in the City’ (AITC) and ‘Arts in Your Neighbourhood’ (AYN) which are organised in collaboration with the Singapore National Arts Council (NAC), we have been engaging local artists and presenting a regular stream of performances and art installations across a myriad of genres at our flagship MBC development.

Started in 2013, AITC seeks to bring arts to the workplace and enable working adults more opportunities for artistic engagement. Apart from enhancing the vitality of MBC as a business hub and promoting greater tenant engagement, AITC also offers a platform for emerging local artists to showcase themselves to MBC’s 10,000 working population. 

In June 2015, AITC showcased Flamenco Sin Fronteras, which performed energetic dance moves, and Phil Brass, which provided a contrasting performance of tranquil ensemble music. For the September edition, Bloco Singapura and Legacy Dance Co. moved the audience with samba beats and hip hop dance moves. 

In November, AYN gave the MBC community an opportunity to interact with a large-scale art installation, “Press”, by local artist Twardzik Ching. The work invites audience members to imprint themselves against the rods forming the artwork. When it returned in March 2016, AYN featured the Rit Xu Group, which enthralled the audience with their catchy rhythms and renditions of English and Mandarin pop classics. 

Design in the City

Organised as part of MBC’s grand opening celebrations, ‘Design in the City’ is an outdoor furniture competition where Singapore tertiary students were given the opportunity to demonstrate their design talents. Apart from profiling MBC as Alexandra Precinct’s regional centre for the arts, the competition provided a platform for young budding talents to showcase their works. Following the competition in 2012, Mapletree further featured the designs of the eight finalists in our 2013 corporate calendar, which was distributed to its business partners across Asia. Click here to view MBC’s Design in the City competition video.

Venue sponsorship

While community investment programmes are driven at the Group-level, Mapletree's REITs also provide ground-level support through activities, such as venue sponsorship. In FY15/16, Mapletree continued to extend venue support to CSR-related events at our Singapore properties, contributing in-kind sponsorship of close to S$200,000. Similarly, our overseas properties are also active venue sponsors.

Festival Walk, an iconic shopping mall in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong SAR, provided venue sponsorship for various artistic, cultural and fundraising causes, as well as support for competitions and trainings organised by the Hong Kong Skating Union during the year. In recognition of the mall’s contributions, Festival Walk was awarded the Caring Company Certificate, 2013-2015, by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. Festival Walk is an asset of the Singapore-listed Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust (MGCCT).

VivoCity, Singapore’s largest retail and lifestyle destination is a long-term supporter of the arts, providing venue sponsorship for arts-related causes and events. One such event is the Celebration of the Drums performance at VivoCity. Since 2011, the mall has been the venue sponsor for this popular community event organised annually by the Community Drumming Network under NAC’s Arts for All programme. 

In 2012, VivoCity was awarded the Gold Award for Corporations by Singapore’s Social Enterprise Association. VivoCity is an asset of the Singapore-listed Mapletree Commercial Trust (MCT).